Sunday, February 26, 2012

the beginning of slow cooker Sundays & a goodbye

After a wild and crazy weekend with the students, Luke was able to join us for a late lunch before his parents hit the road back to Lubbock. I put ribs in the slow cooker before I went to church so they were falling off the bone by the time we sat down to eat around two. They were delicious and I have officially decided that our house will have "slow cooker Sundays" (recipes please?). It sure makes for a much easier and tastier lunch option.

Before Gigi and Papa left, I wanted to get a few pictures in the front yard.
Three generations. Seeing them all in a row like this makes me realize how much they all look alike!

Trying to convince a toddler to smile and look at the camera should be an Olympic sport. If it were in fact an Olympic sport, you could guarantee I would not qualify for the team. However, I couldn't believe we got THREE pictures of Madelyn actually looking at the camera! It's a true miracle!

I loved this picture of Madelyn and Papa waving goodbye to each other. Goodbyes are always hard, but with each goodbye Madelyn just looks forward to the next time that much more!

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  1. Beef tips & Rice
    1# beef stew meat
    2 cans of Golden mushroom soup
    Combine & cook on low for about 6-7 hours

    Also, look up Hungry Girl BBQ Pulled Chicken


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