Sunday, February 12, 2012

not in the plans

So the plan for this weekend:

Surprise hubby with a mini getaway to Dallas while Madelyn has her first friend sleepover with Jenna and the boys!

Mini getaway to include concert tickets to see Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors* at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, a stay at the Westin Park Central, our hotel of choice because I think their beds are dreamy and a yummy brunch followed by a little wandering around our favorite stores.

*Last year I wanted to make Luke a mixtape. I was on a mission to find songs he had never heard before (if you know my husband, you know how impossible this sounds). I found one that I was SO excited about that I couldn't wait to let him hear it. So, I played Fire and Dynamite by Drew for him and danced around with him in the kitchen to it. When it was over he says, "Aren't they great? His wife has an incredible voice too." I was SO annoyed and gave up on my quest to find songs he hadn't heard and threw a great big pity party for myself. Fast forward to early January of this year...Drew tweets he is coming to Dallas! Tickets bought and hotel booked within the hour! I may not be able to surprise him with a new song but I can surprise him with tickets to concert!

What actually happened:

Luke guessed the plan for the weekend three weeks before it was to take place.

Madelyn started getting sick on Thursday. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving her, not to mention dumping a sick kid on a friend who has other children that could possibly catch whatever she had.

My family was in Houston for the weekend for two different reasons. Luke's family lives in Lubbock (parents and grandma) and Waco (sister).

I was beyond bummed.

By Friday morning we knew there was no hope in going.

Texts get mixed up and my "I'm trying not to be disappointed" text accidentally goes to my Mother-in-law. In Lubbock. Seven and a half hours away.

"Disappointed about what?" -MIL
"Oops, wrong person." -me

I think we had a few other exchanges.

I told her our plans and that MK was sick.

"Call me." -MIL

I call. "Get your things together, we are on our way!! We will meet you at Aunt Ann's in Ft. Worth!" -MIL

"You are crazy." -me (I did in fact call my mother-in-law crazy via text but I meant it in the kindest way possible.)

She and my grandmother-in-law got in their cars and drove four and a half hours to Fort Worth so that we could still go (and of course so they could have a sleepover with Madelyn-I am sure she was a motivating factor as well). They even made it there before us!

Crazy? Yes. Not in the plans? Yes. Awesome and such a refreshing time? Yes!

Luke and I played with fun old junk in a thrift store near the venue before the show started.
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (Drew & Ellie Holcomb in the pic).
Our first taste of In-N-Out Burger after the show! So yummy!
It was awesome and Madelyn had so much fun! She was tired from all the playing when we brought lunch back to Aunt Ann's and fell asleep on Luke's shoulder.
Aunt Kenda even came up for the day too!
Madelyn had so much fun with Gigi, Great Granny, Aunt Kenda and Aunt Ann (he was so sweet to let everyone crash her house at a moment's notice)!

I still cannot believe any of this took place but I am so thankful that it did. We are blessed. Luke and I both have parents who would do just about anything (legal-haha) for us. Even driving across the state at the drop of a hat.

Thanks Gigi and Great Granny! It wasn't in the plans but it was perfect!

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