Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 1-8 Insta Style

  •  We sold our outdoor furniture before we moved. Camping chairs it is for now.
  •  We had an unseasonably beautiful week of 70 degree weather around here. Madelyn and I spent much of the time outside, on the porch and down at the dock.
  •  At one point Madelyn said, "I could sit here forever." I don't know how her little brain works, but the words that she says never cease to fascinate me.
  •  We've been watching lots of home movies here and there via Apple TV. LOVE it. Madelyn does too. We watched one from the first time Luke held her. She said, "That's Madelyn when my was sick. God made me better." Such truth, yet the amazing thing about her saying that is the simple fact that we have never talked to her about when she was sick.
  •  Grandma still makes the trek out to the house after work lots of days even though we are so much further away.
  •  Sleeping has been non existent for days. Not for Madelyn or Luke...I listen to them both breath, next to me and through the monitor all night. I need sleep!
  • We went out as a family to Home Depot and Target. I didn't want to be afraid of going out at night forever. We had fun, but throwing up in the Target sack on the way home was no fun. Ready to feel normal again.
  •  Madelyn likes to dress herself these days. She and I were going shopping with my mom and sister and she INSISTED on wearing her rain boots that are still about three sizes too big. She wore them all day and never complained.

  •  We saw these at Dillard's. They took me straight back to 1993. 2nd grade. Stirrup leggings. Oh the memories. Does it mean you're old when they're already bringing back what you wore as a kid????
  •  Celebrating the upcoming marriage of a sweet couple. Weddings make me smile. I love seeing others enter in to something so awesome.

  •  What do little girls eat when they won't eat their lunch? Cookies of course.
  •  It's finally starting to look like we live on the lake around here. The "beach picture is of the dock 12 weeks ago. We have water, folks!
  •  Madelyn was in little girl dream land during the Super Bowl. Doll house. Sweet new friends. Baby dolls and a Dora backpack that she wore the entire night.

  •  Apparently she felt right at home because when it was time to leave we found her snuggled in the bed with a few new buddies.
  •  Snuggle time is the best.
  •  I basically invited myself over to Jenna's on Monday. So glad to have friends like her. Madelyn was on cloud nine playing with Karter and Kolson.

  •  Check out those muscles.
  •  I hope they're always friends.
  •  Just a little light toddler reading. One day when she picked up this Corrie Ten Boom book, she looked at the cover and said, "She smiles like Fee". I love that she still thinks of my Grandma and remembers her beautiful smile. I miss her so much.
  •  I had the pleasure of joining Allison for Special Friend Day at her school. The kid is a genius. We had so much fun together.
  •  I asked her to smile for a picture and she said, "Ugh, ok!" Haha! Such a mess.
  •  I love this sweet girl and I am so thankful to share moments like this with just the two of us.
  •  Madelyn picked out her whole outfit. She's always so proud so I let her go for it! Right before this picture was taken I was editing some pictures and she was playing on the floor with her dolls. She scurried around to put all her toys away and then said something like, "I put all my toys away, can I watch Netflix on the iPad now?"
  •  Grandma loving!

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