Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye papy!

January 27 I woke up thinking that I either needed to get serious about potty training or get rid of the beloved pacifier (or papy as it's affectionately referred to around our house). Without hesitation I walked back to Madelyn's bedroom, grabbed her pacifiers (she had four that she liked to snuggle with) and cut the tips off.

Their home was her bed once she woke up so I was thinking that she wouldn't discover them until nap time.

I was wrong.

She wanted to snuggle with Daddy (who I had not informed of my spur-of-the-moment-plan) so she ran back to her room to grab one. She carried it in to our bedroom, stuck it in her mouth and all the way from the kitchen I heard her exclaim, "Oh no! My papy popped! I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!"

I didn't know whether to laugh at her dramatic ways or cry at the thought that my 12-hours-per-night toddler might, in fact, never sleep again.

Her comments were hysterical:

"Daddy! We need to get the pump to pump my papys back up."

"I can't believe they just popped! I wanted to keep them forever!"

"Let's call Grandma! She can fix it!"

and of course:


We told her that's what happens when you turn in to a big girl and don't need them anymore. They just pop. I couldn't believe she bought it because she finds solutions to everything, but with this she accepted it for face value.

Surprisingly, she fell asleep rather quickly at all of the following normal sleep times. Only once did Luke go lay next to her to get her to sleep. She jabbered some, but no crying or screaming fits which is what my tender heart feared most.

HOWEVER...for two solid days, I did not know my child. It wasn't even the first day. It was the second and third. The days when the slightly less sleep she was getting presented itself in her attitude. My goodness, that kid was down right mean. I cried at the thought that this might just be "the terrible twos" that I had heard so much about.

Thankfully, it passed. 48 hours later she was back to sleeping her normal stretches and back to being our sweetheart.

She survived. We survived. Goodbye papys! Hello big girl!

Now about that other thing...

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  1. Glad to hear that she was able to sleep again! So funny!


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