Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Party Aftermath

You and I, we love to party. We enjoy just about any excuse to decorate and get together with friends or family. This week was weird to say the least, but we decided to have our little happy heart day party we planned anyway!

I, however, took virtually no pictures and did virtually none of the little crafty things I envisioned doing.

I did take these four with my phone:

You laying on the floor waiting for your buddies... 
Lunch time...
Dress up with Hannah...
Ready for a nap after all your friends left...
I did manage ONE picture with my camera while everyone was there...
After the last person left and you and I were talking about how much fun we had while cleaning up, I decided I might as well take a few pics of the aftermath; evidence that the 20+ kids and their lovely mommas had an enjoyable morning.

Grandma bought the most delicious chicken salad from Sam's because I didn't have time to make it. It's made from their rotisserie chicken and is so yummy.
Fruit pizzas.
Madelyn's favorite snacks.
And of course, the play room.

You love to paint so I had you paint some manila paper with festive colors. Once it dried I cut the paper into hearts and sewed them together to make garland. It was just about our only decor, but I loved it because it was so you.
Thanks to Grandma, you gave goody bags to all your friends with bubbles, stickers, note pads, fruit snacks and twizzlers stuffed inside.
It was a simple and sweet little party and was the perfect end to a not-so-awesome week. There were car seat carriers lining the walls. Toddlers running wild. Mommies chatting. Oh, and you snuck away to your bed once or twice, requested your party goers leave and tried to go to sleep.

You are precious, Madelyn Kate. I love having sweet little parties with you.

You are my favorite.


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