Monday, November 15, 2010

a few things I've learned recently

Meal times are just going to be messy at our house for a while. Matted hair. Crusty nose. Sticky cheeks. Yep, that's meal time at my house for the next year. There are three ways to get lots of strange looks when you are walking through Target:
1. Let your toddler walk around on their own and be totally OK with it.2. Do an interview the night before on the local news station. Everyone either stares at you or stops you and says, "I saw you on TV last night!". One of the funny things about living in a smallish city.
3. Let your toddler stand up in the buggy portion and not safely fastened in the seat as they should be. It was a one time thing that I am not ashamed to admit I may resort to again in the future as long as I'm comfortable with it.I used to get SO stinking embarrassed when my mom would drive me to middle school (and high school as a freshman) with rollers in her hair. I have no idea why, but it mortified me and I would rather walk from the farthest corner of the campus than have my mom pull up through the drive through with them in. As if everyone at the school was going to be waiting by my car and had never seen a woman with rollers in her hair before. I cannot believe how retarded that was. I'm sorry mom for all the whining I did about it and I am glad you never gave in to my pleas to take them out. Hopefully Madelyn won't hurt me later for posting this picture on the internet, but the truth is...we all fix our hair (on good days at least). So here I am with the very things that I used to be mortified for my mom to be seen in and I am more than OK with it.
I have so enjoyed learning to sew and creating fun things for Madelyn and others. My favorite thing to create as of late: messy fabric flowers. They are easy and a nice change of pace from all of the bows. Madelyn makes the perfect little model.

I love watching Madelyn play with her cousins. I didn't really learn this recently. It's not new, but Madelyn's ability to actually play with them instead of just along side them is new.

And last but not least...if your throat is "tickled" and your chest feels like it's collapsing in every time you take a breath, go to the doctor. You may just have bronchitis and a couple of small spots of pneumonia on your lungs. Going to the doctor during the work week sure beats a copay to the emergency clinic that is over twice as much as that of a doctor's visit. More than that, going before it gets really bad may save you from having to get a shot in your hiney. Talk about humiliating. During the whole prego phase, you lose your sense of modesty because of all the "checks" and doctor's visits, but once you have the baby it quickly returns. Thankfully, between the steroids, antibiotics, cough syrup and inhaler, I can breath again! Woo hoo!

What have you learned lately??

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