Saturday, November 20, 2010

little entertainer

At any given moment at our house, Madelyn turns off her turbo toddler mode and flips the switch for her stand-up-comedian mode. She knows she's entertaining. For every laugh she gets, she does more. And more. And more.
The more she does, the funnier it gets.
Eventually even she is laughing at herself (which is my fav).
I hope she always uses her bright smile and fun loving personality to bring joy to those around her. I love my little entertainer.

Somewhat random...and totally off topic...Madelyn loves to wear scarves.
She has a few, but I decided to make her some more so they they will go with more. They are so fun and cute! Bring on winter...we are ready!

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  1. I love love love every face she is making!!! I miss that little munchkin and hearing her yell for me from upstairs. Give Maddie Kate a BIG hug and kiss from Aunt Rachel.


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