Sunday, November 28, 2010

Got any good titles? Because I am all out...

There are few things sweeter than a baby in pajamas.

As I was taking those pictures I remember thinking, "I need to make sure to capture how cute she looks in her footie pajamas. Fail. Not one picture shows off her sweet feet. If her face wasn't so darn cute I may have succeeded. Maybe tomorrow. Tis the season for footie pj's at our house!
My dad enjoys cycling as a hobby and to stay in shape. Despite the fact that he has been in congestive heart failure for nearly three years and his heart has been out of rythm for months, he rides his bike 15, 20 and sometimes 30 miles at a time. I think when we pulled up at my parent's house tonight he mentioned he had just ridden 23 miles.
Once he came in Madelyn got to test out his seat.
MK looked so stinkin' cute in her little Santa hat tonight. She wore it for a few hours before she yanked it off. It's the same one that she wore last Christmas.

My tree has been up for a while but remains undecorated. Yikes. I definitely need to work on that this week. Until then I will just keep dressing the little one in her cute hand-me-down Christmas attire!

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