Monday, November 15, 2010


Last week we made trip #2 to the ENT. The last time we went in, her ears looked perfect and he wanted to wait on the tubes. Three days later, she had a raging ear infection.

The ear infection was still raging for appointment #2 even after five days of antibiotics, but she was still in a good mood.She kept giving me LOTS of kisses and climbing up and down from the big chair.
We scheduled the tubes for today (less than a week after the appointment). I was a little nervous, but hospitals aren't exactly new to our family.

We had to be there at 5:45 this morning (but we were running late as usual) and Madelyn kept looking around like we were crazy for being up so early. Despite that, she was in a great mood!
She smiled for all of the nurses and was as sweet as could be.
The nurses gave Madelyn a blanket from the sweet ladies behind Project Linus. I was thankful because I forgot to bring her one.
It was short, sweet and she woke up just as happy as when we left her!
She was definitely ready for a snack and sucked down a whole sippy cup full of juice/water!
I'm so thankful that Madelyn did so well and I am praying that the tubes help her ears.


  1. Marley had constant ear infections from January until May of this year and finally got tubes on May 13. She hasn't had ANY ear trouble since! I bet it will be the same for Madelyn!

  2. We were in your boat a year ago. We almost did tubes with Bren, but we were so close to being done with the cold and flu season. Went to the specialist twice. We decided to wait out the summer and see how she did knowing she wouldn't be as sick throughout the summer and it always seemed her ear infections started with a cold. Thankfully we haven't had one since.

    Our chiropractor said there's a lot they can do for children with ear infections. I never would've thought of that. Wish I would've known that at the time. I might have given that a try.

    Hoping the tubes give little MK the relief she (and her faithful parents) need. I've heard nothing but good things about them from people who's children have had them.


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