Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

On Thanksgiving Eve Madelyn woke up saying, "No, no mommy". I'm not sure what I was doing wrong to warrant such a good morning scolding but it was very much so a reminder (on the day she turned 14 months old..more on that later) that my baby is fast becoming a toddler.We spent the morning at the house and only got out to run a few errands. It was nice and very uneventful.

Later in the day Madelyn's Great Granny, Gigi and Papa made it in to town.
She was so excited to see them!
They spent the evening playing with the Little People Nativity set that she got them as a gift for when she comes to their house.
I was busy in the kitchen making messes while trying to prepare a few things ahead of time for our Thanksgiving meal.

They played and laughed and Madelyn gave lots of overdue hugs and kisses!

Some sweet friends stopped by for a while after dinner. Elise is due in just over a month and we cannot wait to meet baby Mac. I love talking about being a mommy and newborn care and fun things to do once the little one arrives. She told me about a mom who takes fun, staged pictures of her daughter during nap time. You should check them out here. Madelyn stayed up way too late but she had not met Elise yet. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of them together, but we were just enjoying good conversation too much and watching Madelyn entertain to take the time to pick up the camera. Maybe next time when Elise and Nathan have their little man with them.

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  1. In the close up of Maddie's face while she is playing with the nativity set, she looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!!! So cute.


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