Tuesday, November 2, 2010

on my mind

One night last week after a photo shoot we went to dinner at our favorite place. Don Juan's. The old one. I would say, "The one on Erwin Street" but they are both on Erwin Street so that might get a little confusing. I promise that we did not go out to eat simply because we were in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. Even so...if that was the reason, I wouldn't still be in that same desperate need nearly one week later. Sigh.
Madelyn tried out the limes.
I think she likes them as much as her Daddy and Papa.
MK loves the outdoors. Any time the door is open, she is heading out.
I have been so paranoid about our deck and the potential for a dangerous fall (it's a second story deck) that I think Madelyn has already caught on to the "danger zone".
She got down on all fours the other night and crept towards the rail. Once she was about two feet away, she looked at me and the retreated. I'm thinking there will need to be some sort of safety installation in the near future. Any ideas?
We discovered the little one thinks apples are delicious the other night while she was helping me make apple pie.
It took her over an hour to devour one slice, but she worked hard on it until it was gone.
As for the apple pie...it was delicious too!
I love dress up outfits. I remember day dreaming about my little girl having a dress up trunk one day while I was still prego. Dress up clothes are expensive.

$20-$30 for one outfit? No thank you.

Post Halloween costumes 75% off? Yes please. I'll take seven.

I had grand plans to tuck them away until her birthday next year. Luke told me that would never happen. He knows me too well. Superwoman last night. Zoo Keeper today. We have Tinkerbell, a fairy, Dorothy, Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella to choose from tomorrow. $36 for endless hours of dress up and using our imaginations...the best $36 I've ever spent.

Tonight I was able to join up with some amazingly talented friends for a Christmas Home Show. It was so much fun! I sold a few things and have 7 new orders to fill and got to spend a few hours chatting with some neat women. I'd call that a success!


  1. We had one of these for the 2nd story apartment balcony we had when Savannah was a baby. It's not the prettiest thing, but it works. http://www.buzzillions.com/reviews/one-step-ahead-no-climb-deck-guard-reviews


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