Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red White and Blue Festival

Saturday afternoon we ran a few errands and then made our way down the road to Bullard's annual Red White and Blue Festival. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside and there were a lot of people who had the same idea!They had live entertainment on "the big stage", different dancers and performing groups on the dance floor, arts and crafts vendors, food and carnival rides.
Even with all that they had going on, the most important "attraction" was the tribute to the veterans. I was so completely humbled by the sheer number of names. The display for the War on Terror was much larger than I anticipated. Names of thousands of men and women, sons and daughters, husbands and wives.
I want Madelyn to have a healthy understanding in the future of how much she has to be thankful for and that there are so many who have given their lives serving our country.
She was so dirty from sitting down in the dirt and grass. I love this picture because it shows just how dirty her little bottom was.
The wall was so long and contained so many names that it was almost hard to look at for long.

After we walked by the wall and through the memorials we ate lunch at a great little meat market. Luke had bacon wrapped quail, I had sausage on a stick and Madelyn at some of her snacks. We sat outside at the picnic table and Madelyn had a good time people watching.
There is a great little coffee shop in Bullard that also sells antiques and other neat finds. We saw this cute red table that is perfect for Madelyn. It was a great price and I know she will have lots of fun coloring at it in the future. As for now, she has just been taking her books over to it and reading them as if it's her little podium!
The Red White and Blue Festival might just become a tradition for us. Happy (early) Veterans Day!


  1. Y'all were in Bullard and didn't even tell me?!?!?! Gosh! :)
    Love the table-I've seen it outside Lolly and Pop's!


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