Sunday, January 29, 2012

bed visitor, chili cook off, games with the big kids

We had an early morning visitor in our bed. I didn't mind one bit. Makes me sort of miss the time when I saw two faces in the morning instead of just one.
We had a chili cook off at church. I am a bit competitive, but did not win. There were 26 big 'ol pots of chili to compete against! It was fun!
I also made dozens of cupcakes for desert. Pink icing of course in honor of the upcoming love day.
By the end of the night Madelyn was pooped. She even laid down on the icky fellowship hall floor. Gross. But sweet. But mainly gross.
 She LOVED getting to play games with the big kids.
Her fav was her very FIRST game of duck-duck-goose. She adored it and the sweet girls that taught her how to play.

Another fun, full Sunday!

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