Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"feed da ducks momma"

Most days, at least once, we make our way down to the dock to feed the ducks. Even if the ducks aren't there, we feed them. Madelyn loves crossing the "bridge" to get to them.

Usually she has a snack for herself in tow.
Then, after spending half an hour or more looking out over the water together talking about the birds and fish, we make our way back to the house.

Since we moved, we don't go and do as much, but it's been nice. It makes the days we do go in to town more fun and the days MK sees friends that much more special. I've cooked more, been more creative with my time with MK and we have really loved the scenery!

Our daily walks down to feed the ducks are fun and as the lake rises, I know the duck feeding time will turn in to fish catching time.

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  1. We had a season like this, too. We moved into my grandparents house in Troup in Nov '98 to "keep an eye on the place" while they were in the nursing home in Whitehouse. NINE weeks later they decided they wanted to move back home & just get home health to come take care of them. We weren't there for very long before we had to move back out, but our life was like what you described in this post. We lived further from town (Tyler) and it didn't make sense to drive to town every day just to get out & do something. We were out in the boonies where internet reception was spotty at best, even thought it dial up. Some days it worked, some days it didn't. I discovered all sorts of creative, fun things to do with my little (then) 2 yr old girl out in the country. We explored the 80+ acres of land, petted the cows in the pasture (I know, we're insane...the things could've charged us & killed us!), we breathed that sweet air that you get when you live next to a cow pasture (ha ha). It was quite an adventure.


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