Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MK goes to the movies! Take one!

When I saw that Beauty and The Beast came back out on the big screen, I knew I wanted to take MK. She has watched it at home a couple of times and loved it! This morning, I asked her if she wanted to go to the movie theater with me. Of course, she said yes but had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself in to! Ha! I just told her it was a really, really big TV.

She ran off a little energy outside before we left. Once we made it to the theater, it was obvious that we may be the only ones at our show. I counted eight cars in the parking lot! We bought our tickets. She was free! That was a fun little surprise. Then we got our $1 popcorn and $1 drinks. Our local theater does that on Tuesdays. Our little date to the movies cost $10 and was so worth it.

We were the only ones seeing our show! She picked our seats and then we waited! The only thing I would have done differently was arrived about 25 minutes after the show time. I wasn't sure we were going to make it through the previews! I even thought some of them were scary. That being said, she played games on my phone until the cartoon previews came on right before our show started. After 45 minutes of previews, it started and she clapped.

It was so fun watching her smile so big as she watched! We took two potty breaks at scenes that I thought might scare her that I usually fast forward through at home. It worked out perfectly. She danced in her seat during a few of the songs. I couldn't believe that she actually sat through the entire movie and loved every minute of it.

After the movies, we ran in to Target and MK spotted this Belle shirt. I am literally allergic to character shirts, but then she said, "It's Belle! I loved Belle with you!" I couldn't help it! I had to buy it.

I loved Belle with you too, sweet girl!


  1. love it. I haven't given into character shirts either, but that is like a melt-your-heart-have-to-get-it kind of moment :)

  2. Precious! I have been wanting to see it in theaters too, but Brian hasn't taken the bait yet :) I feel the same way about character shirts, but with a sweet comment like that, how could you turn her down?
    So glad ya'll had fun!


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