Wednesday, January 25, 2012

how to entertain a sick kid...part 2

MK woke up this morning requesting her Dora pajamas. I resisted the temptation to tell her no or fib and tell her they were dirty (because I knew she would wear them all day meaning I would have to look at them all day) and let her wear them. Character pajamas two days in a row was a bit much for me, but I survived! 

In my ongoing attempt to make our time inside as fun as possible, I dug through one of my boxes of teaching treasures and pulled out the puppet theater! MK loved it and so did I. We played for over an hour with it before she tuckered out. She is so creative and her imagination is full on at this age.
When Luke made it home from work, even more puppet theater took place. This time MK thought it would be fun to read her Bible to the puppets though. It was pretty cute to watch.
Since MK didn't eat anything all day long, I decided to try a popsicle. She took a few bites but that was it. Poor thing just isn't in the mood.
I am so thankful that she doesn't get cranky when she doesn't feel well. The back of her throat is red and I am sure it feels terrible, but she's still fun to be around!

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