Wednesday, January 25, 2012

how to entertain a sick kid...part 1

MK has had a sore throat this week. She's been pitiful and I hate it for her. She has been so healthy all winter so it was kind of a bummer that she started feeling icky this late in the game. In addition to that, the weather has been dreary and wet so I have tried to do some different things with her to perk her up.

One day we did a little experiment.
I remembered doing this with Emily when she was little and she loved it so I thought MK would too.
First we filled a pitcher with water, leaving about two inches of room at the top. Then we added oil. She thought that part was pretty cool and even liked mixing it up with her hands to see the oil bubble down in to the water and float back up.

Then I said, "We should make some fireworks in our oil and water".

Big mistake.

For some reason, she did not want to take part. She hasn't ever really been exposed to fireworks (at least not recently enough that she would remember) so I have no idea why it freaked her out, but freak her out it did.

The "fireworks" were just a few squirts of food coloring. They drop to the bottom of the oil layer and then eventually break through and look like fireworks in the water. MK didn't stick around for that part though (you can see her climbing down behind the pitcher in this picture).

How to entertain a sick kid you ask? I'll get back to you on that. So far all I know how to do is scare a sick kid. This was a fail. We may revisit it when she is well again (or 10).

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