Thursday, January 26, 2012

how to entertain a sick kid...part 3

This could actually more correctly be labeled: how to get a sick kid to eat. However, that would throw off this little impromptu series I've got going on over here now wouldn't it? Plus, I did hope that it would be fun and entertaining as well.

MK and I had to leave the house to get some milk for her. Considering that is ALL that she has taken in in days, it was somewhat of an emergency. Luke was at church, so we got dressed and drove to the store.

We passed the break and bake cookies on the way to the milk and Madelyn's eyes perked up. We've never made those (or broken them apart? ha) together before but she saw the enticing picture and got excited. So, in hopes that it would motivate her to eat her dinner in order to have a cookie, I bought them.

We bought a few other things too along with the milk and cookies. I picked up some fresh crab dip that Luke loves for a snacky sort of after church dinner. You know why I love our local grocery store? The dip rang up wrong so we got it for free. Free. I feel like I have to stand watch over the groceries at Wal-mart because nothing ever rings up right. It's almost more exhausting then shopping for everything to begin with. Anyway, back to entertaining a sick kid.

We unloaded the groceries and immediately got busy on the cookies. Madelyn pulled them out of the package and on to the sheet all by herself. "My do it" is her favorite thing to say these days. Then we counted them one by one and covered them in sprinkles.

Then we let them bake while we ate dinner. At least that was the plan.

No dinner was had by the munchkin but at 8pm I gave in and let her have a cookie. Even then, she only nibbled on it! At least she had fun! Operation entertain gives this little activity (for lack of a better word) a success. Operation get-your-kid-to-eat would rate this a failure.

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