Thursday, March 24, 2011

1/2 birthday girls

 When MK was a baby (I hate how that sounds so "in the past"), I would celebrate every month. Truth be told, I love to celebrate so it doesn't take much for me to want to celebrate (this comes from my mom...I'm sure of it!). Half birthdays equal the PERFECT time to celebrate my little sweetie. When she woke up, Luke and I sang to her! She looked at us like we were crazy.

We made our way to the park to play with friends. We basically live at the park these days. I am thinking of taking a tour of local parks soon and rating them (if that didn't make me sound like I have NO life, I'm not sure what could). One thing I have realized lately is that Tyler has an AWESOME selection of parks. Our favorite as of lately is Faulkner.
 I didn't really take any good pictures while we were there. I was preoccupied talking with friends and chasing Madelyn around. One concept our little one has had a hard time learning is not to go in to the parking lot or street. We have a REALLY long driveway that she runs up and down freely on a daily basis so I am attributing it to that. However, she was being pretty stubborn and making me flustered by not listening and bolting for the parking lot. Oh my!
 One of my friends brought this great big quilt (that she made!!) for everyone to sit on. It was perfect and most of the little ones ate lunch on it. Madelyn chose to eat everyone's lunch but her own! Needless to say, we owe Logan some crackers and a sandwich.
 Just recently she has discovered that it's more fun to go down the slide on your belly or even head first! Where do they come up with this stuff??
 I love this picture. I am pretty sure if the picture was all we had to go by we could qualify this as MK being a bully. "You can't pass! Mwahaha!" In reality, she and her friends were jumping off the edge and running back around to get in line and do it again. SO cute!

 I am a sucker for the party aisle in just about any store. Eight pairs of funky glasses for $1.88 and hours of laughs? I'm all over it. If I wasn't, we wouldn't have this picture of our little diva (I'm sure her Daddy wouldn't like that terminology) in her heart glasses.
 After a little nap and wardrobe change, we played outside for a little while before heading to pick up Emily from school.

 Before we headed to dance we stopped for a half birthday treat for the birthday buddies at Chick-fil-A. Emily loves their milkshakes (although she usually only drinks about 1/3 of the small) so that was her first choice of places to go.

 I love that Chick-fil-A allows you to trade in kid's meal toys for a small ice cream cup. We always keep the books but save the little games for special days like this!
 I am pretty sure Madelyn would have eaten the whole bowl if I let her!

 After dance we came back to the house and played outside until it was time to take Emily home.

 Can I just say that having a six and a half year old around is so much fun?? Not only do WE enjoy her presence but MK loves her. Who knew it'd be easier to clean house with two kids around than one?

 Sunshine. Sweet girls. The hubby strumming on the guitar. Perfect!

This birthday buddies were fun to dote over and celebrate. Now if I could just get someone to remember when my half birthday is we will be good to go (cough.cough.May4,Luke.cough.cough)!

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