Tuesday, March 15, 2011

to the Alamo we go

We set off mid morning on Monday for home! We had so much fun with Luke's family but it was time to journey back. Because we knew we really wanted to enjoy our little trip, we split up the drive coming and going. We decided to get a hotel on the river walk in San Antonio for the way back. It was SUCH a good call. We stayed at the Crockett Hotel right across the street from the Alamo. After checking in and getting out of our road clothes we ventured out. We were shocked by the number of people. It was mid afternoon on Monday and there were thousands of people in the streets. I guess it never dawned on me that San Antonio would be a spring break vacation spot. Despite the crowds, we still had so much fun. I narrowed it down to my favorite 50 or so pictures (apparently I'm not that great at narrowing pictures down).
We visited the Alamo both days. We only walked around the compound the first day because the line to get in was wrapped around the compound and down the street. We went back bright and early the next morning to be first in line though.
We walked up and down the river checking out all the restaurants and shops as we walked.

We stopped for some amazing Gelato at this cute little joint. So good. So expensive. $6.39 per scoop. Oh my! It was quite the splurge but we all enjoyed our scoop! MK loved nibbling on ours.

It is so much fun to watch Madelyn explore new territory. Her eyes are constantly full of wonder and it reminds me to step back and soak it all in.

We walked quite a ways and stumbled upon a beautiful square with live music, lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather and the oldest cathedral in Texas.
It was absolutely gorgeous. We spent about 30 minutes just sitting on the steps and admiring the outside of it.

We walked inside for just a minute. It was pretty breathtaking and so very well kept.

There were fountains outside the cathedral that little ones with big smiles were running around in. Since we had no agenda, we decided to let MK see if she liked the water. Her smile was wide and her laughter was priceless. Something I surely will not forget any time soon. Watching her play was the highlight of my day. She is full of such simple and pure joy.
Her curiosity was evident as she studied all the other children.

Luke and I just loved sitting back and watching her play.
 We bought a yummy gordita to share from a local street vendor. Delicious!

It was a perfect day with my two favorite people.

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