Friday, March 11, 2011

on the border

Dear Madelyn,
Your first full day in The Valley was so much fun! Gigi and Papa's place is just a few miles North of the US/Mexico border. There are international bridges and ports in their town and all those that surround them. Now is not exactly the best time to cross over those bridges, although we all have in the past many times, because of violence. However, Gigi and Papa took us to a small little port in Los Ebanos so that we could see the river and the last ferry that is pulled across by hand.
It was pretty wild to see the river after seeing all the pictures of the massive flooding that took place last year. There was still debris in the trees well above where we were standing.
It was so interesting to see the men pulling on the rope to transport people and vehicles across the river. It definitely felt like we stepped back in to an earlier decade.
After our trip to the port and a little sight seeing, Papa took us to a yummy restaurant. I had the most amazing brisket tacos and you had a corn dog!  Before the food arrived you sucked on a lemon wedge. Your faces were making us all laugh.
After lunch we drove around a little more, did a little shopping and checked out the border wall.
After a nice long nap, you were ready to play some more. No need for clothes, the temperatures were warm and the weather was beautiful!
You absolutely adore being outside. You love to run wild, push your baby dolls and dance. Getting you to come in is just about the hardest thing ever to do. Usually I give you a little warning, tell you it's time to go in and you run. I give you a minute to comply then carry you in kicking and screaming. I'm so glad the weather is nicer these days so that we can spend more time outside!
You were SO tired. Daddy helped you listen to your Great Great Aunt Ann read you a book that she had recorded for you. It's pretty special because Ann loves books more than anyone we know. She's not only an author but an avid reader. I know you will have so much fun listening to her read it to you for years to come!
I love you sweet baby girl!


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