Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a little of what I'm loving these days...

Three Cups is an amazing book for youngsters on the subject of money. When I was in high school and babysitting, I watched three little girls that each had three cups for their money. One for saving, one for giving and one for spending. That is one of those things that I tucked away in my mind that I knew I wanted to use when I was blessed with children. Although we may adapt it a little, I LOVE THIS BOOK and the concept behind it. MK and I have already read it a few times. I look forward to the day when we start giving her money to divide between her three cups!
MK has a little table in the corner near our dinner table. For a while she just had her books in a basket on the floor but I fell in love with this wall system when we went to IKEA. I big-puffy-heart IKEA. It looks better, holds more books and gets more use now that the books are off the floor and at her eye level. I also love that IKEA also provided us a super fun way to display Madelyn's art work! We purchased both pieces for only $24.
I know I have gotten more out of this little book than MK. I look forward to the quick devotionals and she has started to bring it to me to read to her some too. Check it out...they have a grown up version too.
A friend gave me a coupon for Mrs. Meyers cleaning products several months ago so I gave them a shot. I'm in love. I use the surface cleaner and hand soap daily. The room spray is amazing too. There are many scents to choose from, but my fav is lavender. Smells like spring when I clean. The best part about the products...I don't cringe when Madelyn licks the freshly cleaned counters because I am worried about the chemicals she just put in her body. Another plus, it's really not that expensive. 
Hi, my name is Kathryn and I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. Someone help me please! I actually have convinced myself that I NEED one of these a day. I have a sweet friend who brings me one to MOPS when we meet because I kept forgetting mine. Oh my. Someone help me!
Luke keeps saying I would spray paint Madelyn if she would stand still. I'm slightly obsessed and not exactly sure why. I love the idea of making something that I already own look totally different and new. It's a cheap way to revamp home decor!
My child has ogre feet. Shhh....don't tell her. They are thick, not necessarily wide, but it has made shoe buying a challenge. Last year when all the stores were having end of season sales for shoes, I stocked up. I predicted what size to buy based on my niece who is exactly one year older. Despite the fact that I guessed right length wise, I never even thought to consider her foot would be too thick to fit in the shoe! Oh my! I have literally 15 pairs of shoes sizes 3-5 that she never was able to wear. Finding cute (that's key) shoes for this spring/summer has been a looooong process. My mother-in-law set out on a mission while we were visiting them to find her some shoes. On a whim (after having gone in to several stores with no luck) we stopped at a boutique in a cute little area of their downtown. Guess what?? We found sandals that fit my sweetie's ogre feet!! The strap over the toes is what makes them work! I am in love. Every summer my child will be sporting these. We bought pink and brown. They are classy enough for church but also work great just to wear with play clothes. They sell them on too!

I may have to do this more often. I love lists! I'm sure when MK gets older she will laugh at all of this stuff her mommy loved. Hope she forgives me for the ogre comment ;)

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