Sunday, March 27, 2011

mixing it up

What's a mom to do when the beautiful spring weather vanishes over night and you have a killer toothache and a toddler who doesn't care about either? This mommy mixes it up. Literally. I found these bowls in the dollar section at Target last week and was delighted when they rang up at a whopping 25 cents each. MK has enjoyed stirring up beans, water, flour and more. If it's in her reach and fits in the bowl then it's probably been stirred up by the master baker.

It's amazing how mixing it up a little can make what is on track to be a not so great day, fun!


  1. A few times this winter I filled a big plastic bin with water and put a few toys in it. They loved it. I've also done rice. I should do beans next! Thought about it. With 6 kids to watch though, sometimes I can't muster the courage. The mess they will make ;)

  2. Oh Kathryn I have missed your blog!!! Somewhere along the lines I did not change your new web address on my sidebar and have not been getting your updates. I thought you had been on some kind of blogging hiatus or something. lol...I recently found out through your facebook page that you are indeed still blogging. I have SO MUCH to catch up on...and I"m so glad! :) MK is such a doll!


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