Monday, March 28, 2011

an afternoon with E

 My brother had a meeting after school today so Madelyn and I picked up Emily for him! We love to pick her up because she tells us all the latest kindergarten drama (haha). She is such a little delight and Madelyn adores her. I gave her some options for places that we could go and she picked the mall! I was excited because I knew I wanted to take her down to this jumping thing that they have had for several months.

I wasn't sure if she'd go for it, but she did and she LOVED it!

 I was so impressed at how completely fearless she was!
 Madelyn was impressed to and cheered Em on! She clapped and squealed and screamed! It was so cute.
 She really got excited when Emily started turning flips!

 After that and a quick stop by the cookie company, we headed home to meet Jarrod. Emily was so tired and completely passed out when we got there.
 Sneaky Madelyn stole her icee and tried to finish it off for her.

We love afternoons that we get to spend with Emily!

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