Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

 Logan came over for a little while today while his mom went for a check up. Madelyn adores Logan so I knew they would have a great time. They giggled and played hard. Since they are so close in age, their play is very similar.
I think MK was a little too huggy at first. Logan was not sure what to do with a girl who wanted to hang all over him. To distract her, I got out some shaving cream.
Madelyn took a huge bite before spitting it all out. Poor girl thought it was cool whip!

By the time they had played in it for 30 minutes, they were squealing like crazy and shaving cream was flying everywhere!
After cleaning that up we had lunch.

They took turns saying cheese and flashing their grins at the camera. I'm pretty sure it turned in to a competition.

And since I didn't really do anything festive, I decorated a mini cake for the hubs and I to enjoy. I usually love ANY reason to decorative or celebrate but it seems like some holidays just sneak up on me and are gone before they ever got here! Happy St. Patricks Day!

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  1. such a good idea with the shaving cream! love the cake! you continue to impress me my friend! so good to see you today! i've missed you!


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