Monday, March 14, 2011

time of your life

Dear MK,
You had SO much fun in The Valley with Gigi, Papa and Great Granny. Here are some of the highlights from our first trip as a family of three down to see them:
  • You said "Gigi" and "Papa" about 1,252 times before we got there, in the car on our way down, and any other time once we were there that they were not around. However, I don't think you said either name once in their presence. Goober!
  • If you wanted it, you got it! Sips from Papa's sugary sweet drinks, bites of everyone's food, precious clothes and even a cute purse.
  • Even if you didn't know that you wanted it, you got it! I don't blame them one bit. Spoiling you is SO much fun!
  • Gigi and Papa gave up their bed for you. That is Love with a capital "L".
  • We discovered that you like black beans, tropical fruit punch, lots of attention (ok...we already knew that but it was definitely reaffirmed!) and sand!
  • Gigi and Papa go to a really neat church!
  • We ate (too much) at lots of yummy restaurants. Some day you will appreciate that a little more. For now, you pretty much stick to chicken nuggets at Mexican food restaurants.
  • You loved playing in their front yard and in the driveway. If someone walked out the door (or even towards it), you waved bye-bye and were on your way! Getting you to come in was work.
  • You decided you liked to snack on Cheerios while we were down there.
  • Even though there were thousands of spring breakers on South Padre Island when we went, Papa found us a great spot for your first trip to the beach. I know your love for the ocean and beach will only grow as the years pass.
We so enjoyed our time down there. I know you love them and so do we! Let's go back soon :)


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