Thursday, March 10, 2011

let the journey begin

Dear Madelyn,
Yesterday we began your first adventure to South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley to Gigi, Papa and Great Granny's house. Papa and Aunt Kenda stayed with us Tuesday night and headed back to Waco yesterday morning. From Waco, Papa went on to San Marcus to get a hotel room for us all. After church was out, we hit the road too!

You and I spent the day cleaning house, running errands, napping (I napped with you and LOVED it!) and packing our bags. You were such a little busy body the entire time. I got out the bag that Gigi bought you before you were born so that you would have a bag to come visit her with. You ran all over the house putting things in it. Your favorite books, toys and even a couple of pictures. It was so stuffed that I transferred all the items you picked out to another bag and stuffed this one full of diapers.
Once you were done packing your items of choice, you were back to your wild little ways. I think you climb up and down the kitchen chairs about 100 times a day. I used to tense up every time you did, but you really are good at it now.
Once the bag was full of diapers, you wanted to carry it everywhere until it was time to go. You were so proud and pranced around with it for at least half an hour. After you got tired of that you were busy unpacking everything I packed. Oh my! You were not exactly what I would call helpful, but you really thought you were.
Eventually I just carried ALL of the bags to the door and loaded YOU in first! You were content sitting in your seat as I loaded the car. Every time I put a bag in you would clap. Such a sweet little one to cheer me on. It made me laugh so of course you kept on doing it.

We didn't hit the road until 8:30pm so we made it to the hotel around 1am. You slept nearly the whole way. HALLELUJAH! Daddy and I are convinced that night travel is best for all involved! We had four plus hours of adult conversation and you got some good sleep.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and let you run all over to get some energy out.
You sure love Papa!
You did great on this ride too! You rode with Papa and Daddy in Papa's truck while I followed behind you all in our car. You three had fun and I enjoyed riding down the road with the windows down and the music up loud! After we stopped to eat for lunch (which was amazing but we left your sippy cup on the table) you three ran around in the grass a little. Daddy was on the phone and I am sure he was lying to Gigi about what we were doing.
Your "I love my GiGi" shirt was filthy by the time we made it to her, but I know she didn't care! She was SO surprised and screamed so loud that it scared you! The next few days will be so much fun!
The beginning of your first journey to South Texas was fun and you were a great passenger! I am so excited about the memories we will make in the next few days.

Love you sweet girl!


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