Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back at it!

I couldn't have been more excited that this little cutie was back to feeling better. Nearly a week of sickness has finally left our house and Madelyn is back in full swing. Oh, how I missed her fun loving little personality. I have been working on some fun new things to sell at a craft fair that my sister and I are going to have a booth at in April. I love having the perfect little model to try things out on. I asked her if she liked her new bow and pants set and she enthusiastically yelled, "YES!" while shaking her head no. Mixed signals? I'd say so.
Rach and I have been doing live sales on our facebook page for Bitter Berry Boutique. It has been so much fun creating handmade items for family, friends and strangers. It all started this time last year when we had a booth at the Azalea Arts and Crafts Fair. We had no idea what to expect but ended up having SO much fun!

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