Monday, March 28, 2011

18 month check up!

 At MK's 18 month check up today we found out that she is growing! Haha. I am always surprised to hear that she's "above average" for height. I hope that continues. I pray she get's her Gigi's long legs! 
Her stats from today were 33 inches and 23 pounds!
The doctor also started MK on an inhaler today for a form of asthma that she has all the symptoms for. Praying this helps with the symptoms! When she started having these issues and a few people mentioned asthma to me, my heart sank. I threw a good two week pity party because I just didn't want her to have to deal with anything else. Now that we've talked to the doctor about it and have a treatment plan, I realized how silly it was that I acted like such a baby. Yes, I still hate that she has another breathing issue to deal with. Yes, I still wish it was me instead of her. BUT, I was holding on to it as if God did not know this was going to happen. Thanks to His gentle correction, my perspective is so much better.

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