Tuesday, September 13, 2011

first hair cut

My baby girl who is only one (for 11 more days at least) got her first hair cut today.

I wasn't emotional (much).

She was.
Lucky us her Daddy is awesome and sat with her.
Tabitha, who graduated from high school with Luke and I and has been cutting my niece's hair for years, was awesome and distracted Madelyn quickly. 
She was so good.

And she still looks like my sweet little one year old (for 11 more days at least).

Gigi and Great Granny loved being there for the first hair cut too! There was a donut shop a few doors down so Gigi took Madelyn for her first trip to pick out her very own donut!
She loved it!
Especially the sprinkles and icing...
Two firsts in one day. More to come this week!

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