Friday, September 23, 2011

MK's Birthday Eve

Tonight was supposed to be Madelyn's shared birthday party with her friend Logan. However, after the week we had and Logan being sick all week, we postponed it a week. Luke's family had already made plans to be in town so we kicked off the birthday celebrations a night early!

I cannot believe my baby girl will be TWO tomorrow. I whipped up a little pink cake for her with a huge "2" on the top.
She loved all her sweet cards, especially the one with Dora on it!
Every cake these days is a "happy burtday" cake to Madelyn so she was pretty excited when we all started singing to her.
Daddy did have to show her how to blow out the candles though!

We all loved watching her eyes light up when she took a big bite out of the side!

Gigi, Papa, Great Granny, Great Aunt Ann and Aunt Kenda spoiled her for sure. She got so excited about her princess dress up shoes from Aunt Kenda!

We spent the rest of the evening watching her prance through the house in her high heels carrying her life size Dora doll (thanks Aunt Ann ;) ) around.

Happy Early Birthday, Madelyn Kate! I love you.

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  1. I love the pic of her biting the side of her cake! LOL!


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