Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing with Gigi

 September 17

While I was busy packing our bags for the trip to OKC, Madelyn and Gigi got some good play time in. Madelyn loved having Gigi at the house the month before she started her new job in Lubbock!
MK was not so sure about having to leave when she was having so much fun with Gigi at home.
Can you spot MK?
Silly Daddy.

Madelyn and I hitched a ride with Rachel to OKC. We pretty much alternated between laughter and tears the entire way as we remembered stories of our times with Grandma together.

Madelyn was content in the back seat with her "book" (iPad 2). She alternated between dancing to music and watching the same episode of Dora over and over again. Thankfully, she slept this trip!

When we made it to OKC we spent some time with Mom and then went out to eat for her birthday!

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