Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Birthday Bash

We had the September Birthday Bash tonight to celebrate the magnificent seven: Luke (9-16), my mom (9-17), Allison (9-18), Emily (9-24), Madelyn (9-24), Rhonda (9-26), and Luke's dad (9-29)! I made some strawberry cupcakes, fudge brownies, a white cake with butter cream icing and bought an Italian Cream Cake to cover all the bases (and taste buds).
It was good to have so much of our family under one roof celebrating! We definitely missed the ones who weren't able to be there!
Emily, Nana (Rhonda) and Allison! It was a chore to get both girls to smile at the same time.
Madelyn loves Uncle Jarrod or Jeered as she calls him!

We sang Happy Birthday to them and it got pretty funny when we got to the part where we were supposed to say the birthday person's name! It definitely made for a good laugh from everyone.

It's not a party without stick on mustaches right?

By the end of the night it looked like Christmas morning with the three little girls opening all of their gifts.

Maddie Kate loved all of her time with Papa and Gigi. She is not going to know what to do with an empty house tomorrow afternoon!

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