Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maddie Kate Goes to "School"

Today was Madelyn's first day of Mother's Day Out. We call it school, but truth be told it's only every other Wednesday. She will go a whopping six times this semester.

I packed her (super cute) lunch box full of a turkey and cheese lunchable, mandarain oranges, grapes, organic soy milk, water and vanilla wafers. It was weird packing her first lunch that a non family member would feed her. No one else has ever fed her. I cried at the thought.

She woke up to a "first day of school" present. It was a sesame street school bus. She loved it!

Once we were ready to go and out the door, I tried to get a few pics of my big girl!
She found some chalk on the ground and got a little distracted.

I made her pants. Kind of springy, but oh well. She looked girly and sweet in them for sure.
Gigi came with us! She was so excited to see Madelyn off to her first day.

I love this girl. Can't believe how big she is!
Drop off was at 9am. Madelyn started to cry when we were leaving but I'm confident that it was only because another child was throwing a fit.

By 11:15am I couldn't stand it anymore. I made the drive back up to the church to get her! This is what she looked like when I got there.
Grins from ear to ear and she had eaten her entire lunchable! They said she had a blast and I don't doubt it at all.

She and I made a quick trip to Toys R Us to brainstorm presents for Emily, Allison and a few little friends that are having birthdays soon.

It was a such a great first day! I am so proud of this sweet girl (and myself!!!).

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