Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Madelyn,
It's been a while since I blogged. I like to do it daily, but this month has definitely been one of those months that it's hard to share about. I almost avoided this post completely, but wanted to remember these moments no matter how hard it was.

On the 5th, you and I followed Grandma to Oklahoma City. She had received a call that MeeMaw was not doing well. I knew I wanted to hold her hand one more time and tell her that I love her. I knew I wanted you to see her too.

So off we went.

Grandma read you a story at one of our pit stops. We were sure you would fall asleep. You didn't. The whole way there you stayed awake!
 Right when we arrived, you crashed. It was your long overdue nap time.
 When you woke up, you gave MeeMaw Fee sweet kisses first thing.
I took some fabric to work on a few projects and found you in the back bedroom using them to make a small pallet.
 Not long after that you fell asleep in the bed.
It was a hard, but good visit. I was challenged as I read through some of the Bible studies MeeMaw had done. I remember when she was going through this one a few years ago. It took a lot of discipline but she stuck with it.
You had fun playing with Grandma's phone, entertaining all of us and playing hide-and-seek with MeeMaw. You would hide and we would all three start asking each other, "Where did Maddie Kate go?".

You and  MeeMaw were couch buddies while you watched an episode of Dora on my phone. This is my favorite memory from when we were there. She would touch your leg and you would wiggle your leg to get her hand off. She would laugh, wait a few seconds and then touch your leg again. You two went back and forth several times.

Then she pinched your cheeks and called you a little deary. Precious memories.

On Thursday the 9th we hit the road to head back home while Grandma stayed to spend some more time with MeeMaw. It was so hard leaving. That house has held so many memories. Leaving without Grandma (MeeMaw) standing on the porch waving to see us off was harder than I expected. For years she stood out there waving, fighting back tears as her visitors would drive away.
Now we were pulling away, unable to hold back tears and I knew it would be for the last time that she was with us.

The next week we got the call. Grandma had only been home for less 48 hours when she got the call. MeeMaw's heart rate had slowed. She went back up to Oklahoma. 

The next day, on the 16th, Grandma McAfee went to be with Jesus. What a sweet legacy she leaves behind. I am so thankful you were able to meet her and for all the moments you spent with her. She loved you from the moment she knew you were inside of me. That was no surprise though, she loved every one of her family members in a way I have never seen.

I love you sweet Madelyn.  We will all miss her dearly.



  1. What an amazing legacy! I love the way your family loves so deeply. MK is one blessed little girl! Praying you are finding comfort in our Savior! I miss you and pray for you regularly!

  2. i'm so grandmother used to do the exact same thing. it would make me cry watching her wave goodbye as we pulled away. my grandma passed away 9 yrs ago today. it's so crazy that i read your post today of all days. i miss her so much and so wish she could have met my husband and girls. mk is so blessed to have met such a special lady and i know you are grateful for the memories that you have, not only of your g-mother, but esp of the ones of her with luke and mk. praying for you and your family during this hard time. and thank you for the phone call the other day. it was totally not necessary...i completely understand. family comes first always!! i would have done the same thing. party was great and the girls had a great time! so sorry you had to miss it, but again, i understand.


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