Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gigi and Great Granny

I absolutely love this picture. The mister posted a caption with it; "I wonder who knows how to work it better?". I am not sure Gigi appreciated that, but unfortunately I think MK could do more with her iPad then I could.

Last week and this weekend could most accurately be described as wild. Or insanely wild. Take your pick.

The highlights however have definitely been MK getting some quality time with Gigi and Great Granny. Great Granny watched MK for a few hours on Wednesday while I picked up Emily from school and took her to dance. Then Thursday night while the mister and I had a night away for our anniversary, Gigi and Great Granny stayed with Madelyn. Not to mention all the moments in between.

Madelyn has adored having them here. When Granny walked up the stairs this evening, MK jumped and squealed and chanted her name!

Yesterday morning my mom and I picked up a moving truck. With Luke and Glenna's help we loaded it up with Rachel's belongings and hit the road towards Houston to help Rachel move to her new apartment.
Madelyn supervised the loading process!

The drive there passes through a national forest that is simply beautiful. It was a very quick trip, but Rachel is officially moved in now!

I am so grateful that despite the sheer craziness of this season of life, we are surrounded by awesome family and friends!

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