Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke

September 16 

MK and I sang Happy Birthday to Luke at breakfast and had him blow out another candle! She made him a couple of cute "happy birthday" signs with her original scribble art and I hung them above the bar.
The rest of the day was pretty tough. We got the phone call just after lunch that my Grandma had passed.  I was glad at that point that we had celebrated some the night before. She meant so much to all of us, including Luke. The rest of the afternoon was somewhat of a blur, but we went to dinner at his favorite place last minute. Poor guy (or lucky guy depending on how you look at it!) was surrounded by eight girls; His mom, Grandma, Madelyn, Rachel, Marlo, Allison, Emily and myself!

It was pretty late and the girls were tired, but they still had some fun cousin time!
Luke and I went to Lowes and Andy's for dessert on our way home! Definitely a tough birthday, but I am so thankful we were able to celebrate another year for my mister!

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