Friday, October 21, 2011

$35 per month

So we have made it and just experienced our first full day on the ground in Uganda! A lot happened between when my husband and sweet girl dropped me off on Wednesday morning to see me on my way and now.

But the one thing that keeps playing in my mind like a slide show are these eyes and faces and sweet little feet:

I look forward to more time to write after processing it all.

However right now all I can think to say is that for $35 per month you can provide a child with food, clothing, a Christian education and for most a place to live. More than that you can provide them with the parental love and care that so many of them are lacking.

I've witnessed first hand the love they are shown, the care they are given and seen the smiles that all of it produces.

Consider it and while you are, scroll through the names and faces of those waiting for a sponsor at

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