Saturday, October 15, 2011

the apple

Last night Madelyn asked for an apple.
Since we were playing outside, I told her we needed to go in and get one.
I grabbed one of eight on our counter.
I washed it.
 Then handed it over.
She replied with a sweet little "thank you".
We went back outside to discuss the sun and trees and hopping and caterpillars between bites.
"Yummy green apple, Mommy!"
In the midst of our conversation my mind immediately went to Africa.
And the children I will see. These children.
Children whose faces light up in delight at the thought of eating such a treat.
My heart is this big ball of emotions and I haven't even left yet (four days!).
I'm praying that I'm able to learn from them and love on them.
To be joyful in all circumstances.
To delight in the gift of an apple.

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  1. yep, i'm crying still. what a beautiful post. i love your heart, and your precious little girl :) I cannot wait to hear about Africa!!!


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