Friday, October 7, 2011

the new house

Life at our house is one big ball of craziness at the moment. It's slowed down a bit but the near future looks a bit wild itself. The next four weeks hold a nearly two week trip to Africa for me (I cannot wait!!) and a move for our family! We are busy packing for my trip and packing for the move.

Today Luke took us out to the new house. I've only seen pictures so it was fun to see it in person. I forgot to take pictures of the actual house, but I got a few shots of Madelyn outside. She loved it!

It's super close to our church, which will make for a nice commute to work for Luke. What has been taking at least 35 minutes will only take about five!

I am so thankful that in the midst of all the craziness that has been our lives for the past two months and the one to come, this season has also been one that has stretched us in ways that have forced us to grow!


  1. I came across yoru blog and had to say your baby is cute. do come over.

  2. A new house! So exciting! I can't wait to see pictures! The yard looks like a ton of fun :) Also, can't wait to hear about your trip to Africa!

  3. A new place! How exciting is that?! I know Luke will be glad to be closer to the church. Can't wait to see the new place in pictures on here! I wondered what the boxes in the Instagram Friday pics were for!


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