Friday, October 14, 2011

Insta Friday {version 5.0}

"Dear Jesus, help Mrs. Windsey good day morrow." translation- help Mrs. Lindsey have a good day tomorrow. We prayed that last night and she did it again all on her the next night.
We had a family dinner date to Jimmy Johns. Jimmy Johns = awesome! Amazing sandwiches, friendly people and good prices. We all love Jimmy Johns.
I love these sweet little moments with MK and Daddy. Precious.
After our dinner date we had a meeting with Parental Care Ministries. This is how two year olds survive meetings. Madelyn + Marley + iPhones = happy kiddos (for 10 minutes at least).
We play hide and seek about 15 times a day around here. This morning MK impressed me with her hiding skills. This girl is finally catching on that leaning up against a wall is not hiding! I love it.

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  1. How wonderful to train our children in the way of praying!! May they be mighty for Him!!

    Enjoyed looking at your week!!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I just really discovered Instagram today and *WOW* had no idea what I was missing! Such a fun app!


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