Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday With GiGi

This weekend my parents came in to town to help me out with MK and to do some work at the house we will be moving to when Kathryn gets back from Africa. So while my Dad and I got after painting the new house, GiGi and MK went to Moore Farm's Pumpkin Patch. Kathryn and I are blessed with really great parents that love Jesus and love us really well. I love seeing my parents (aka GiGi and PaPa) with Madelyn. They have so much fun with her. They spoil her like crazy. They are leaving an incredible legacy for MK. So Here are a few pictures that GiGi took on her fun day with MK.

When GiGi and MK finished they went to one of my mom's friends house to visit her name is Becky and MK decided instead of Becky she wanted to call Becky Mickey Mouse. MK loved playing at Mickey Mouse's house and playing with her doll house. 

MK had a really great weekend with GiGi and PaPa!

MK & Luke

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