Sunday, October 2, 2011

Madelyn's 2nd Birthday Party

On the 30th of September Madelyn had her joint birthday party with her friend Logan. It was a sweet little sock monkey backyard birthday party at our house complete with good food, yummy desserts and precious little friends. I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of it all, but I did get some! We had a bounce for the little ones and the whole evening was so relaxed and no favorite way to celebrate!

Mariann and I had fun planning the party for the kiddos and putting it all together. The sock monkey theme turned out so cute.
Mariann made "Monkey Munchies" for the party favors. They were chocolate chip cookie ingredients in mason jars!
 One of Madelyn's sweet Sunday School teachers made Madelyn and Logan cute little monkey cakes. They were adorable!

I guess I got distracted because I didn't really get any more pictures of the decorations! There were banners, balloons, paper ball lanterns hanging everywhere, pictures of the kiddos and a balloon wreath on the front door.

It was fun to watch all the kiddos eat dinner together at the kids' tables.
 Eden is the sweetest little thing, I could just eat her up! Those baby blues are stunning!

Molly and Charlotte

Madelyn wasn't too sure about the bouncy house. In fact, when her friends started going in she put her hands on her head and screamed, "Oh no! Don't do it!!". I was so glad when she agreed to go in with Logan's daddy! She had a blast once she got in there!
Ella loved the bounce house too!
Aside from when they ate cake next to eachother, this is the only picture I took of the birthday buddies together.
Ella A. loved the swing!

 Madelyn was smiling ear to ear while everyone was singing Happy Birthday. She clapped and cheered when it was over. She is such a ham.

It took a little coaching from the dads to get the candles blown out.

Will and all their friends enjoyed some cupcakes while Madelyn and Logan dug in to the monkey cakes.
 Face first? Why not!

Macy sure did enjoy her cupcake!
I had to take a picture of the aftermath of Madelyn's cake. For some reason she felt the need to eat the eyes? Then she stuck her fork in it and ran off the play!
Hannah looked so cute with her chocolate icing lipstick.

I love this sweet girl and I am so glad that she had such a fun time at her party! The next morning she woke up saying, "I love party! I like my party, mom! Let's party!". I'd say it was a success if she enjoyed it that much!


  1. Wow! What an awesome party! The decorations were great! I can't believe she is 2!!!

  2. So adorable! What is the recipe for the cookies in the mason jars? Thanks :)


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