Sunday, October 16, 2011

family day

Saturday morning my mom, sister and I headed to the Gresham Barn Sale. I adore this sale because it gives this creative dreamer a little boost and inspiration and I usually find something that I want to fix up. This year was no exception. I got a cute little washer and dryer for Madelyn Kate. By cute I mean rough around the edges and in desperate need of a scrubbing and a paint job. After the barn sale and a few garage sales I headed home to spend time with my two favorite people!

Our plan was to go to a local pumpkin patch but on our way there we saw a sign at a local vineyard that they were having a Harvest Festival and Grape Stomp. So, we decided to check it out. After all, in the three years we lived less than three miles from it (not to mention the 10 years prior that we both lived close!) we had never seen it!

Madelyn was very inquisitive when we first arrived. She just kept looking around at everyone trying to figure out what was going on. There were lots of families, a bubble machine, a live band, booths and food.
The best part (in my opinion) was the grape stomp. However, Madelyn was not having it. Not the ehh-that-isn't-my-cup-of-tea-but-I'll-do-it-anyway kind of not having it. More of the put-my-shoes-on-before-I-make-a-scene kind of not having it. So we did what any good parents would do. We put her boots back on, let Luke get in and then I handed her to him. Still not having it. 
He said it was so very cold. I was a little jealous but since it stressed Madelyn out so much that anyone was in there, I didn't do it.
As a former "I Love Lucy" lover, it was definitely one of those things I've always thought would be cool to witness/be a part of! Ha!
Once we got over being scarred from the grapes, we moved on to getting our handprints and footprints on a "I had a Grape Time at Kiepersol Harvest Festival" t-shirt.
She loved that. She adores painting so it didn't surprise us at all.

What did surprise me was how remarkably still she was and the fact that she didn't rub the paint all over her cream jacket or face or pants or anything. 
She had fun exploring the vineyard.

Did you see that sweet little pony tail?? This was the first time she's worn one for more than 37 seconds. I loved it.

Then we moved on to watching her run up and down the hill chasing bubbles with the other children.
She was having so much fun.
Then we had lunch, listened to the band play a few songs and someone started to get sleepy!

It was such a delightful, care free, no agenda Saturday morning with the fam.

The rest of the day was definitely full. I had a packing meeting for my trip from 3pm-7:30pm. Luke had a DJ'ing gig at the church for a sweet couple's wedding and Madelyn had slumber party plans with her favorite cousins and her Aunt Rachel and Grandma!

Uganda in 3 days!

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