Saturday, February 19, 2011


Friday night MK and I hung out in the kitchen preparing the kickoff dinner for Disciple Now weekend at the church. She was such a great little helper. Once all the students started arriving, she walked all over the place waving at everyone and giving her super cheese crooked smile (when she smiles really big, it always looks very crooked!)!

There were tons of Fritos, lots of chili and 140 hot dogs! Frito pie anyone? Every time we cook for big groups of students it reminds me why I am so thankful that food service is not my calling. Gag. I don't want to look at another hot dog for months. Seriously. I know I will have to though because one of Madelyn's go-to lunch meals is turkey dogs and ketchup.
And of course there was lots of junk food to go around.

See what I mean about the big, goofy crookedness that happens when she smiles really big??

By the time the evening events really started we had been at the church for over four hours. For some reason it was really hard for me to accept this year that things change when you have a little one. We stuck around for a few minutes after they got started, but I knew I needed to get Madelyn home (or at least in the car) quickly or there was going to be a major meltdown. She was tired. It was past bed time. I hate not being involved as much, but I know this season of life will pass too quickly and I will want these days back with my little baby girl.

Luke didn't make it home until well after 1am so he told us all about it the next morning before he headed out the door again. We're praying that God continues to move in the hearts of these students! So excited for the things to come...

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