Thursday, February 3, 2011

lunch date

 This morning Emily had a performance at school with her music class. They sang a few songs complete with fun little motions and lots of outtakes. Madelyn was so good and clapped and cheered after each song. We had so much fun hanging out at her school we came back an hour later for lunch!
 I was a tad bit concerned terrified that Madelyn would go nuts and that I would leave feeling a combination of embarrassment and exhaustion. I am not sure why in the world I thought it would go that terribly considering she is usually well behaved and had been during the performance, but I really did fear the worst. She was awesome!

Emily ate her lunch from home (most of it) and the lunch I brought her and then wanted some ice cream. "I worked up an appetite singing this morning". Apparently, because this girl doesn't usually eat much (at least not when she is at our house).
Madelyn licked her lips the whole time she watched Emily eat her ice cream pop.

 It was such a fun morning and somewhat surreal that this little girl is in school. It really made me realize that Madelyn will be there before I know it. I'm going to enjoy every second. Soak it in even more and cherish these days at home just the two of us. Soon I will be driving up to her school to cheer her on as she performs and bring her a special treat from her favorite restaurant. I have tears just thinking about it!

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  1. sweet cousins and fun memories! carlyle LOVES going to camden's school to have lunch. she is so entertained by all the kids!


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