Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fun with Ella

Today MK and I met Lauren and Ella at the mall. After some Chick-fil-a, a little shopping and picking Madelyn's shoes off the ground 15 times (she's at that "take your shoes off ALL the time stage"...please tell me it's not just my crazy kid and that it's actually a stage), we went back to their house.

Madelyn was in heaven. She loved the Cozy Coupe the last time we were there and loved it again today!
It was so fun to watch her play with new toys. Even though I feel like we live at Toys-R-Us these days as there are toys EVERYWHERE, it made me think it may be time for a new toy or two.

Her favorite was this ball popper. She loved it!

I look forward to the day that MK actually plays with her friends and not just with her friends' toys! Ha! I know it will happen soon enough.
I know she and Ella will have lots more fun together!

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