Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi! This morning we woke up to a white front AND back yard. It was so pretty. Mom said I could go play in it but I had to layer up first! First, I had on thick socks. Then my comfy fleece footed pj's on top of the socks.
Next up, my 18 months jeans that normally fall off of me.
Then my sweatshirt jacket that has a hood.
Finally, my shoes that are two sizes too big (they were on clearance so mommy likes to plan ahead) and my new-to-me coat that my cousin Allison gave me the week before.
By the time we were done, I could barely move. I fell over once inside the house and couldn't get up. I could hear Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Marlo and Uncle Jarrod laughing at me. Oh well...I wasn't the cold one when we finally made it outside!
I loved playing in the snow with my cousins (well as much as you can play when your arms stick straight out to the side).
My cousin Allison liked it for a few minutes. Beyond that, she was done.
My big cousin, Emily, could have stayed out there all day! She loved the snow!

I think that Uncle Jarrod and Daddy had more fun than anyone. They were having fun throwing snow balls at everyone.

I think this picture shows that Daddy lost the fight.

Alli borrowed my stroller to stay warm, but she still didn't like being outside.

I ended up going inside with Mommy while Emily and Daddy built the world's tallest snow man :)
It had grapes for eyes. Kind of strange if you ask me.

They had fun though!

I love snow days but I sure was glad to take off all those layers!


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