Friday, February 11, 2011

come on mom!

 I love spending every single day with Madelyn. The elementary school teacher in me loves to sing songs, dance, act crazy  and explore with my sweet girl. We make lots of messes. Clean them up. Then we make more. We sing some songs that have a purpose and encourage learning and others that I make up on the fly just for fun. As for the dancing, MK loves to dance. The only bad thing is, this momma is lacking in her dancing skills. For the most part, I didn't think Madelyn noticed. However, lately the dance moves that used to result in an adorable grin like this one

 have been replaced by blank stares and raised eyebrows. Really? Already? Say it isn't so. Please tell me that I'm not already uncool in the eyes of my child!
I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. I need to work on my cool factor because if my soon-to-be 17 month old thinks I'm lame, I can't imagine the looks I will be getting from her when she is 17.


  1. That is a cute post. Sounds like the teacher in both of us would get along fabulously. I'm always singing songs with my kids for fun and learning purposes. Recently I've been making all memory verses into song so they are easier for the kids to remember. Amazingly even Bren who just turned 2 is starting to remember them that way. Music is such a powerful tool to use for learning and fun too.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear... that is the funniest thing ever. Just play it off like you are meaning to look that goofy while dancing and maybe she will accept that. If not... good luck.

  3. Haha!! So funny! I'm sure you weren't the reason behind the look- but kind of hilarious. Thanks for the smile!


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