Thursday, February 17, 2011

reason enough

I think it's pretty fascinating that at such a young age, Madelyn already knows the difference between something I have made for her to wear and her normal wardrobe. She sees me making them. She even tries to help. When I am finished and show it to her, she always says, "Cuuuuute" (in that long drawn out East Texan accent of course). Then, when I let her put it on, she prances around like Cinderella.
I love that. It makes me want to run over to my sewing machine right then and make her something else.
She says, "Thank you momma!" with a huge smile and dances around.

That's reason enough for me to keep learning!


  1. So cute Kathryn! I love the picture with her hands out...she is just the sweetest little thing!

  2. That outfit is PRECIOUS and oh my - your little model is even more precious :)

  3. I was having a really bad morning, then I pulled this up and those close up pictures of her smiling made me smile. Thanks for sharing, she is so cute!


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